Lexile Scores

Lexile Scores

The first thing you as a parent should know about Lexile scores is that there is no pass or fail grade.  It is simply an estimated measure of your child's difficulty level capabilities in reading.  The score sent home is the median score. Typically, you will see your child's Lexile Score every year on the CRCT results score pages sent home to parents.

When the official parent CRCT report copies are available (usually during the summer), you will get a "range" for Lexile measurement for your child as well as suggested reading for your child in this range.  The lower end of the range would prove easier for your child, while the higher end would prove more challenging for your child.  

You should also know that the Lexile suggestions of books on this report that you will receive do not take content into consideration.  So please be sure to review the content of any books you may choose for your child from that list to make sure they are age appropriate.

Once you have it, you can take your child's median Lexile score to book stores and often libraries to search for books around that score for your child.  Staff at these places should be able to assist you with that as well as appropriate content to age.  If you want something a little easier for them to read, choose something slightly lower than the median Lexile Score.  If you want something more challenging, pick something a little bit higher than the median Lexile score.

To learn more about Lexile Measure, please visit the official Lexile website with information on how to use Lexile scores in the home at http://www.lexile.com/using-lexile/lexile-at-home/

If you'd like to know the typical range for students by grade, you can find that here:  http://www.lexile.com/about-lexile/grade-equivalent/grade-equivalent-chart/

Please keep in mind that all children are unique and have different reading abilities regardless of grade level and age.  As always, please talk with your child’s teacher if you have concerns about his/her reading abilities.

Happy reading!